Avoiding Alcohol Related Arguments

Alcohol and arguing just do not mix. In some cases, a minor argument can escalate into something much worst. The slightest comment can set off a full-blown fight. Sometimes the fights can end badly for both. It is not uncommon for fights to erupt in the household when you live with an alcoholic. Even the sweetest person can become mean if they feel threatened in any way. The only way to avoid any arguments from escalating is to avoid any arguments or discussions when the person is under the influence. This might be hard to do, but it is something that you have to do.

Making the most of a bad situation is hard to do, but you must try. You might have to walk away even though you know that you are right about something. You have to avoid making things worst. If the person drinking feels strongly that they are right or that you did something wrong, they are not going to see it any different by arguing with them. They are going to get angrier and this is when physical, verbal and mental abuse can occur. This can be the hardest part of living with an alcoholic. However, to avoid serious problems, you should drop it and walk away.

If the arguing starts, you should leave the room and not say another word. If you continue to argue, you are just adding to the fire. This is when bad things can happen. The alcoholic that believes that they are right and that you are the wrong one, they could fight back if you continue to talk. It is not uncommon to hear how bad you are or how they detest the sight of you. You have to walk away before this starts. Even if you leave the room, the yelling may continue, but at least you will out of harms way.

Make sure that you are not starting the arguments when they start. This is the worst thing you can do. If you know the person is drinking and had enough, talking about anything could set them off. This is not the time to talk about no money for food or the car needs repair. You will just start an argument that you will not win. The alcoholic never loses the fight because they never back down in most cases. They are not thinking clearly and have no idea what is what.

Make sure that the kids know that this not the time to discuss anything with the alcoholic adult. Kids should never discuss anything with the parent who is drinking. Even the sweetest parent can become the meanest person when they are drinking. You never know what will set them off or what they will do. They are under the influence of a mind-altering addiction. Always wait until they are not drinking before letting the kids talk to the drinking parent.

If the argument continues after you leave the room, you may have to leave the house for a while. This is sad, but it is the truth in some cases. They may follow you around yelling at you. You may need to leave for a while so that they can calm down. If you do, make sure to take the kids and the car keys for all cars. Give them a few hours to calm down before returning. Sometimes, it is better to wait until they pass out. Just avoid any confrontations when the person is drinking. It is much safer for you.

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