How to Lower the Cost of Food After a Job Layoff

If you were recently laid off from work, you need to make cutbacks. Are you drawing unemployment benefits? If so, this weekly check is nice, but it likely does not even come close to what you were making before. That is why cutbacks are important. Luckily, you can take many steps. You can reduce the cost of your phone, internet, and television. You can temporarily stop buying new clothes or new toys for your children. These are all great moneysaving tips, but the easiest way to save money is to be cautious with food. Food is a necessity, but also something many Americans overspend on.

How can you lower the cost of food after a job lay off?

Choose the stores you shop at wisely. For food, shop at a grocery store. For non-food items, such as toilet paper and home cleaning products, avoid the grocery store because you will find higher prices. These items are best purchased at department stores and discount stores, like Dollar General or Wal-Mart. As for your grocery store, make sure they have the lowest prices in town. View a weekly sales flier or visit other nearby stores. Closely examine their products, sales, and everyday prices. The easiest way to save money is to shop at a grocery with low prices.

Try the store brand or off brand products. Name brand products are nice. Many Americans must have a certain brand cereal, mayonnaise, and salad dressing. If operating with limited financial resources, you may not have a choice. Here is a good test, try one store brand or off brand product a week. Each week you shop, try something new. Make sure it is low priced and only buy one or two, don’t stock up. If you like the cheaper version, great. If you don’t like it, you didn’t waste much money, but at least you tried. On average, store brand products and cheaper off brands cost $1 less!

Grocery shop alone and leave the kids at home. If you are a parent who takes your children grocery shopping, you are likely to spend unnecessary money on impulse purchase. Your kids have been good the entire shopping trip and they give you that cute little look, how can you possibly resist letting them get a candy bar or a bag of cookies? It is hard and most parents can’t resist. If you are one of those parents, leave the kids with family, friends, or a part-time babysitter. Not only that, but stick to your list. Whether you spend $5 on unnecessary impulse purchases each week or $50, the savings will be high at the end of the year.

Limit your purchase of junk foods and special treats. For parents, these items are often bought at the suggestion of their children. If you aren’t a parent, you have a sweet tooth. Unfortunately, that sweet tooth can cost you money. You may be use to having cookies each week, but cut back. Instead, only buy two packages for the entire month. If you regularly consume junk food, it will be a transition. Work on cutting back your intake and then try to eliminate. You should notice an increase in savings, an increase in energy, and a decrease in weight.

Use coupons. Aside from shopping at a grocery store with low prices, the next easiest way to limit the cost of food after a job layoff is to use grocery coupons. These coupons are found in Sunday newspaper inserts, as well as online. As for online coupons, you have two choices. Online coupon websites, like, post a wide range of coupons. You can also perform a standard internet search to find the websites of your favorite products. Some post printable coupons right on their websites. Regardless of how you find grocery coupons, be sure to use them. Small-time coupon users can easily save $5 a week. Avid coupon users can easily save $50 or more!

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