Self Improvement – Are You Doing it Right?

Each of us is different – unique, but we are also the same in many ways and so we tend to do things in a similar manner. If you are on a journey of self improvement – kudos to you! However, you need to stop for a minute and consider this – Are you doing things out of habit or are you doing it right?

We all have habits and they are not always good habits. When making changes in your life to improve your situation, it can be difficult to get yourself into ‘good rut’ – develop good habits. When you are working on creating good habits, you need to make sure that you give yourself credit even for the minor successes that occur every day. Even when things aren’t going quite like you want it, you will likely get a small part of your daily goal right and you need to give yourself credit for that.

The better you feel about your achievements the more likely you are to make those good habits permanent habits. If you are down, you are far less likely to carry out your self improvement goals. However, if you go at it from the point of view that you are going to succeed, beginning with small steps that form a habit that you automatically do as part of your daily life, you’ll enjoy the positive change you are aiming for.
If you find yourself in a rut, there’s no better way to get out of that rut than by implementing consistent steps that go in a better direction. The question becomes, how does a person create these new habits? It isn’t always easy. We all have busy lives filled with all kinds of responsibilities that make it difficult to implement change.
For thousands of people, using the mini habit concept has changed their lives. These same people would likely have failed if they had tried to change their behavior using more traditional methods.

Mini habits amount to making small changes over time rather than attempting to make a huge change that you find overwhelming. When you find something to overwhelming, you are more likely to fail than create your new habit. When we feel overwhelmed, we are more likely to slip back into what we are comfortable with and that means failure.

Our minds can better handle small changes – small steps that don’t create panic and make us feel like it is beyond our ability. So if you are working on improving yourself and you are doing it using mini habit changes, you are doing it right. If not, you need to change.


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