Laid Off: 5 Reasons Not to Cause a Scene

Layoffs are increasing in frequency all across the country. It seems as if no industry is immune to the poor economy. Unfortunately, many of these layoffs come as a complete surprise. Could you imagine showing up to work like it was any other day and within two hours being told you need to clean out your office or locker? You are now unemployed. You will feel a wide range of emotions over the next few weeks. Immediately, you will feel blindsided and anger. Your first though may be to let your boss have it and walkout with your head held high. This sounds like a good idea at the time, but one you will later regret. Why?

1 – You May Have Been Called Back to Work

All across the country, businesses are closing their doors. Hundreds, if not thousands of employees are laid off at one time. Luckily, this is rare. Most companies are just reducing their workforce. If your company employs 1,200, but only distributes 100 layoff notices, they will continue business as usual. This is just a cost cutting measure and it may only be temporary. After getting back on their feet financially, some call back laid off workers. You will not be called back if you left with a big bang.

2 – You Need the Job Reference

Whether your company is closing down or only laying off a percentage of their workforce, you should look for a new job. Getting called back to work is not guaranteed and unemployment benefits do not last forever. Whether you worked at your current job 2 years or 20 years, you need to list it on your resume. Large gaps in unemployment don’t look good on a resume. However, do you really want perspective employers contacting your old boss for references, especially after you told him to shove it before walking out the door? No.

3 – You May Cross Paths with Supervisors Again

As previously stated, some companies layoff just a percentage of their workforce and others close down. Not only that, but no one is immune to layoffs. Your shift supervisor may get a layoff notice in two months. There are no guarantees you will not cross paths with them again in the future. Don’t let your one moment of anger or weakness hurt you for years to come.

4 – The Rumors are Likely to Fly

When letting their bosses have it after a layoff, this unfortunate display is rarely made in private. After all, what is the point of calling your boss or the supervisor a “greedy money-grubbing loser,” if no one is around to hear it. Whether your audience consists of one coworker or one hundred, the rumors will start to fly. Some may flag you as a hero, while others may flag you as a crazy lunatic. Once again, think of whose paths you may cross again.

5 – There Are Too Many Risks

As shown above, there are many consequences to causing a big scene after getting laid off from your job. Regardless of the consequence, it is too risky. Are you willing to bet your future on a rant that may leave you feeling good for a few hours? After receiving a layoff notice, don’t burn any bridges. You never know when you may need to cross that bridge again.

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