Laid Off and Looking for a New Job? 5 Places to Look

Were you recently laid off from work? If so, you may want to jump right back in and find a job. Good for you, but where should you look? If it has been ten or more years since your last job search and interview, you may not know.

So, where should you look for a new job after a layoff?

1 – Your Newspaper Unemployment Section

Most newspapers have a classified section. In that classified section, you will find another section for employment. It is here where you will find open position locally. In addition to daily newspapers, be sure to check your weekly classified newspaper. Some companies prefer to advertise in this instead, as it is cheaper. You must act fast when taking this approach. It is how most people find and apply for jobs.

2 – Job Search Websites

Job search websites come in different formats. You will find generalized websites and those that target certain industries. For the best chance of success, visit them all. Perform a standard internet search with the phrase “job search.” You will find,,, and more. Different websites have different job listings, so search them all. Also, look for a resume listing service. If you can list your resume on these websites for free, do it! Not all companies post job listings. Instead, some prefer to browse resumes themselves to find qualified candidates.

3 – Company Websites

Nowadays, many companies have a website, even if they don’t sell products online. This website is usually to inform the public about their business and its purpose and to attract new clients. On these websites, you can usually find employment information. Towards the bottom of the page, look for a section listed as “Careers,” “Jobs,” or “Employment.” It is here you will find a list of open positions or instructions on how to apply for a job locally. This approach is hit or miss, but easy to try.

4 – Job Fairs

Due to the poor economy, job fairs have decreased in frequency, but they still occur. You can usually find information on local job fairs by searching online or looking in newspaper classified sections. Due to the high unemployment rate, job fairs are packed to capacity. You need to arrive early, especially if the unemployment rate is high in your community. It is not uncommon for late arrivers to have to wait an hour or more in line! When attending a job fair, don’t dress like it is another afternoon at the mall. Bring many copies of your resume and dress as you would for a scheduled interview.

5 – Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies come in different formats. General ones will help you find any type of job. There are also industry focused staffing agencies and temporary ones. Temporary jobs are nice, but their varied availability may have a negative impact on your unemployment benefits. Before paying for a professional service, check with your local city or state. Some offer similar job search services and more, like resume help, free of charge.

Highlighted above were five places you should look for a new job after getting laid off. This is just a starting guide; you have more options. Most importantly, keep your eyes and ears open at all times. You never know when an amazing opportunity may present itself.

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