Laid Off? How to Find Work Quick

Were you recently laid off from work? Were you denied unemployment benefits? Are your benefits about to run out? If so, you are in a financial pinch. You are no longer working and bringing home money. How will you and your family survive? How can you find work quick? Continue reading on to find out.

Note: These steps are recommended for those who were denied unemployment, are losing it soon, or need more than unemployment benefits provide. Unemployment benefits are designed to assist laid off workers like yourself. Do not find a job only to be let go in a new round of layoffs the following month. If your unemployment benefits are good, take the time to find a quality, stable, and well-paying job. Nevertheless, if you don’t have any choice:

Make it known you are willing to return to work. Layoffs occur for many different reasons. Some companies are going out of business, but others just need to reduce their operating expenses. If your company is only letting a few employees go, talk to your supervisor or the company owner. Let them know you would be willing to return to work if and when things improved. You can also improve your chances with offering to take a small reasonable pay cut.

Look for temporary work. Your best chance of finding temporary work is to partner with a temporary staffing firm. Yes, these jobs may only last a day or two, but you can sometimes get lucky. Are you an office secretary? If so, you could replace a sick worker for one day only, but also be the replacement for a pregnant woman on bed rest or a new mom on maternity leave. These types of replacements tend to last two months!

Use the services of a staffing agency. In addition to companies that connect employers with temporary workers, there are those that deal with full-time employment. When a company needs to hire workers in a rush, they often turn to staffing agencies. These agencies already have a collection of resumes on hand. Many promise not to send unqualified candidates too. If a business could wait one month for new hires, they are likely to go through the long process of posting a job listing online or in a newspaper classified section. However, those in a rush often turn to staffing agencies. Private agencies are likely to charge a fee. State or county sponsered programs are usually free.

Place an advertisement in your local newspaper advertising you are available for odd jobs. Odd jobs are a great way to raise extra cash fast. If you play your cards right, they can also turn into a business or a long-term moneymaking possibility. Did you work as a janitor? Offer to clean homes for a cheap rate. Did you work as a professional roofer? Offer affordable roofing jobs, including simple repairs. Since you are not an actual company, you should charge lower rates. Luckily, these lower rates will attract more customers. More customers equal more jobs, which should translate into more income.

As you can see, there are many ways to find a work in rush, especially after a job layoff. Luckily, these are just a few of your options. One word of caution, be careful with work-at-home opportunities online. It is more than possible to make money from home, but the internet is litter with scams.

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