Maximise Your Time

goal settingMaximise Your Time and Double your Productivity by Setting Goals.

Being able to maximize the usage of your time is a vital skill in today’s fast-paced society in which everything is taking place at double-quick time.

Goal setting is an essential skill that effectively helps to add hours to your work week, and is a very worthy skill to master. The only hard part is in taking the first step and getting your first goals written down on paper. After your first try, you will probably find it so effective that you will start wondering how you managed to survive so long without written goals!

Goal setting gives you a sense of direction, a roadmap that points you to exactly where you want to be, without needing to meander through the wilderness and wasting a lot of time in the process.

According to a survey at Yale University in 1953, only 3% of the graduating class had written goals. Twenty years later, it was found that the 3% who had written goals had amassed a net worth greater than that of the other 97% combined!

This is concrete evidence that goal-setting on paper truly works, and should be carried out by everyone, especially since it is so easy.

However, one critical point to take note of is to set realistic goals. A goal to earn a million dollars online when you have yet to make your first dollar will only end up frustrating yourself and make you feel extremely useless. At the same time, a goal should not be so mundane that it does not excite you at all.

Dare to think big, but make your goals within reasonable boundaries. I could write an entire book about how to tread on this thin line between the two, but in a nutshell, simply look at what others have done.

Look at someone you know and admire who has achieved what you hope to achieve, and strive to beat him at that. Once that is accomplished, look for someone of a higher standard, and repeat the process until you reach your definition of success. DO not be afraid of writing your goals down, as you can always go back to change them later on.

Of course, you should always strive to stick to your goals, but being realistic is also extremely important, and if there is a need to make any changes, do not be afraid to do so.

So go forth and add goal setting to your arsenal of weapons, and watch hours magically sprout into your workweek!


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