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Useful Meditation Instructions At Home

Different meditation techniques follow their own set of meditation instructions in order to be effective and lead a person to a higher level of relaxation and consciousness. These guidelines are there to help provide the steps that an individual can follow as he or she begins a meditation session. Duration may differ according to the different techniques and may involve different exercises to achieve that higher level of awareness.

Any meditation practice may be done at different parts of the day. But it is suggested that you do it in the morning. Morning is the ideal time to do a meditation session since it is the time of the day with the least interruptions. It is also good to find a place somewhere in the home that is quiet and private. Here is an example of how you can do your meditation in your own home.

First of all, try to sit upright, keeping your spine relatively straight. You can either sit on a bed, on the floor, or in a chair, whichever is most comfortable for you to sit on. You can cross your legs as you sit down, which is the usual position for meditation. But if crossing your legs will result in discomfort or stoppage of blood flow in the legs, try to uncross and extend them. You may also try to alter to a more comfortable sitting position. Meditation can also depend on how comfortable you are to be effective.

After finding yourself in a comfortable sitting position, the next step is to close the eyes and relax. Do this for a brief moment to calm your body and mind. The next step is to try and visualize a certain object. Visualization is one of the important steps in meditation. Try to focus on the object in your mind and try to be aware of its characteristics. Focusing and concentrating on something in your mind may take time and it will take a lot of practice. This is important since meditation depends on putting your focus on just a single object in your mind while minimizing the distractions as much as possible.

Now that you have visualized a specific object in your mind, try to feel yourself as if you are that object. Try to get a sense of how it is being that object. Feel how it is to be that shape, that color or that texture. Become the object in your mind. In doing so, try to feel calm and relaxed. Don’t try to force your mind to do it. Just be aware of that object and let it effortlessly become you. This too may take some time to get used to. But practice will make you get better at it.

What is important in this meditation exercise is that you try to make yourself visualize a certain object effortlessly without forcing your mind to do so. What may be even harder to do the first time you are doing this exercise is how to maintain your visualization. There may be times that a passing thought or a distraction may occur in your mind that may let you lose focus.

With practice in following these simple meditation instructions, you may be able to get used to developing your focus and concentration and keeping your mind free form distractions. By then, you will learn how to relax not only your body but also your mind.

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