The Vacation You Have Been Waiting For

One of the things many of us do as we dream of the life of retirement and living in our golden years is to enjoy some adventures and vacations that you may have put off when raising the kids. When you have those little ones in your life, you don’t want to miss a single summer when you can take them to Disneyworld or to discover America with them so you can make memories with your family. So if your library of vacation pictures is mostly with Mickey and Goofy or on a huge water slide at Sea World, those are memories worth keeping forever.

But now that the kids are off with families of their own and you are in these years that are just for you. So now its time for the vacation you have been waiting for. Its time for a vacation that is an adventure but also one in which you wallow in the lap of luxury. It time for a vacation that you see exotic things but never have a need that some eager servant isn’t there to fulfill.

And there is no other vacation thrill that meets this dream of the perfect retirement vacation than to take a cruise. A cruise of the Caribbean can give you the chance to see exotic locations and be just as adventurous as you want to be. I know when I first thought of being on a boat for 10 days, it seemed like the most boring prospect possible. But there just isn’t any time to be bored on a Caribbean cruise.

Even without getting off the ship, your cruise operators will be there to provide you with swimming, shuffleboard, deep sea fishing and just about any kind of amusement you can think of. But since this is your time to kick back and relax now that you are in your retirement years, no worries if you want nothing more than to lay on deck and watch the world go by. Your cruise servants will just make sure your drink is never empty or just leave you to read Moby Dick or just have the best nap you have ever enjoyed.

Are there any tips you should be aware of before going on your Caribbean cruise? Well you are going out to sea so if you think sea sickness is likely, see your doctor before leaving and take your meds before getting on board so that kind of discomfort doesn’t ruin a single moment of your fun during the trip.

If there is any real danger to be aware of it is overindulgence. You will be provided with such a feast of food, drink and party opportunities that if you don’t pace yourself, you could wear yourself out in the first few days out to sea. So get your rest and watch your consumption. Be aware that the rich foods that you are enjoying so much might be a bit much for your constitution. You can get your exercise with that morning turn around the deck or in an invigorating swim in the on board pool.

To maximize your enjoyment, do some research up front about where you will be stopping so you know what to enjoy and what kind of shopping you want to be sure to do while you are there. Many of the shore leave opportunities on your Caribbean cruise offer fun and exotic things to discover that you can enjoy in advance with a bit of reading and study about the native lands that are your playgrounds for a few days on your cruise.

You can easily get “hooked” on the excitement and fun of a Caribbean cruise. You certainly deserve to be pampered and have an adventure now that you have reached that plateau in your life of retirement. So get out there and have a great time. And take lots of pictures. They will give you just as much joy as the ones of you standing there with Mickey and Goofy.


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