From Grief to Joy

For some reason grief always sneaks up on us. But as senior citizens, we have more opportunities to deal with grief simply because the phenomenon of someone passing away is not that uncommon at your age. Nonetheless, when the passing of a loved one strikes close to home and particularly if it is your spouse […]

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Cut Your Caregiver Some Slack

Part of the organization system that is recommended for most senior citizens is the active presence of a close family member or friend who takes the role of “caregiver”. The job description of a caregiver is pretty wide and can include anything from buying your groceries, to making sure your Medicare paperwork is all correct, […]

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Gardening in a New Way

Gardening is a terrific hobby. If you have enjoyed gardening for most of your life, you know the joys it can bring to your life. It gives you the chance to work outside and to feel closer to nature by helping her make food, herbs or beautiful flowers where there was nothing but weeds before. […]

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A Little Wine for Your Stomach’s Sake

Sometimes the value of alcohol in the life of a senior citizen can be a source of controversy. If you have enjoyed a moderate use of alcohol throughout your adult life, it can be pretty insulting when someone takes that away from you as though you were a teenager without the ability to handle adult […]

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Conquering the Food Budget

One of the things that takes some getting used to as a senior citizen is living on a fixed income. And even if you have a healthy retirement, investments, a 401K plan and Social Security benefits, when you stop working, your income comes out of that nest egg which is a diminishing bucket of funds. […]

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